Carpet Kit & Sofa Bed




Deluxe Carpet Kit - Sofa Bed

sold separately. See combo price below.

The Deluxe Carpet Kit and Sofa Bed consists of a  Bed and 7-piece Upholstered Bed Liner 6-piece Sofa (priced separately). Made from automotive fade and mildew resistant carpet, it covers the entire truck bed and each piece is detachable. Easy installation using hook and loop fastening system - no tools needed. Sizes for mini, mid and full size trucks, El Camino also.

Note: Side pockets are available upon special request.
Sofa Bed Features
  • Filled with thick automotive foam for comfort.
  • Drink holders built into arm rests.
  • Upright provides comfortable seating - folded down makes into a bed for sleeping or lounging.
  • Includes - 2 arm rests with drink holders, 1 sofa back and 1 sofa base.
  • Note: Headrests are an Option.

Upholstered Bed Liner Features:

  • Constructed from the finest materials available.
  • Side Walls are attached to thin plywood for support.
  • Vinyl boot for tailgate seal (helps to eliminate road dirt, dust and exhaust fumes from entering into truckbed areas).
  • Velour trimmed side walls included with Deluxe kit.
  • Standard kit does not include Velour trim.
  • Rear pockets no longer available.
  • Includes - padded flooring, 2 wheel well covers, 1 tailgate cover, 2 side wall boards and 1 cab headboard cover.
  • Note: Rear side pockets are available upon special request. Add $20.00. Location will be behind wheel well's.



The available COLORS are Black w/black trim (standard), Medium Gray w/silver gray trim (pictured),

Dark Blue w/dark blue trim, Burgundy w/burgundy trim,

Brown w/tan trim and Mauve W/mauve trim.


WARNING: Sofa bed does not meet D.O.T. approval for passenger seating while vehicle is in motion. D.O.T. approved seat belt restraints must be used for proper passenger safety while vehicle is in motion. Seat belts are available at your local auto parts store. Buckle up for safety.
COMPACT SHORT BED $369.95 $399.95
COMPACT LONG BED $369.95 $399.95
FULL SHORT BED $389.95 $419.95
FULL LONG BED $389.95 $419.95
Headrests, pair   $40.00
Rear Side Pocket Option $20.00  





EXAMPLE: Purchase a Deluxe Carpet Kit and a Sofa Bed together, and we will deduct $40.00 from

the combined total.

$389.95 + $419.95 = $809.90 Less $40.00 = $769.90